Jin wakes up from a nightmare of a bad traffic accident on the way to his ex-girlfriend's home. That vivid dream drives him to the very spot where his dream accident took place in the middle of the night and witnesses an accident, exactly the same way as he dreamt. The police track down the assailant via CCTV and head to arrest the suspect. Jin follows the police to the suspect's home, not wholly understanding the phenomenon that he's part of but curious enough to see it through. When confronted by the police in the early hours of the night, Ran denies hit-and-run accusation since she was asleep the entire night. Jing steps in and tells the party that he should be the one being arrested since he was the driver of the accident in his dream, which happened exactly the same way as the real-life counterpart. The police dismisses Jin as a nut and arrests Ran. Sorting through unexplainable paradox, Jin and Ran discover a strange connection between the two; when Jin dreams, Ran unconsciously acts out his dream while sleepwalking - essentially, the two become one.

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